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Thank You To Everyone!

"This was my first time getting a professional piercing (i.e. not the piercing gun!), and Amber was fabulous- she made me feel very comfortable, made sure to go over things to care for my piercing and things to expect and look out for. My piercing healed fabulously and looks great! Hands down would go back again!"- LW- 9/20/2019

"The best experience!!! Professional, caring and talented!!! Even sent home with homemade aftercare ointment and soap. Truly the best!!!" -KW Cox -8/24/19

"Amber is such, compassionate artist that puts time and care into every client's needs."- Amy Murray 7/23/19

"I’ve already had work done twice in the new shop and it’s just an all around great experience. Everyone is laid back and and it’s very welcoming. When it comes to tattooing Amber is killing it as she always does. Started working on my sleeve and we are half way there!"- Cole Harris- 4/27/19

Older Reviews... cause I've been around for a while. Same Message.

"I can only express my happiness and gratitude so many ways and writing a review is among the smallest and simplest. I knew from the first time I saw her that she would be great and she did not disappoint. She fixed a piece on my back where the guy misspelled a word in the middle of the sentence, but she devised a solution and made it look natural, as if by design. Since then, I have been an unquestionable fan and almost every drop of ink on me has been guided by her talented hands. I honestly can't say enough to even begin to describe how awesome she is. Highly recommend to any and all for every venture. " -Nick, koi, dragon, Polynesian 8/17/2011
"Amber!!! I cannot believe you left Auburn! And just when I came up with more ideas!!! Guess I will have to come see you in Pensacola. ABSOLUTELY LOVE my is beautiful and I constantly get compliments!!!! You rock!!!" -Brittany, Quote/Rose, Right shoulder 
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